Handsfree Massage Gun Mount – Solo Mount

Handsfree Massage Gun Mount

Solo Mount addresses the number one problem with massage guns: they can’t be easily used on the back. A person either can’t reach most areas of their back with the gun or they can’t apply adequate pressure or maintain the necessary control of the gun to massage the areas they can reach. The Solo Mount mounts to the wall and secures your gun in place so that you simply have to lean against it to target your back. It allows you to make full use of your massage gun. 

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Mounting Options

The Cradle works with most massage guns and includes: 1) Four suction cups for mounting on non-porous surfaces like flat metal and ceramic tile [do not use on glass]; 2) A strap kit for mounting on weight racks and poles (up to an 8" diameter). Does not include massage gun.

Get the Cradle (and accessories) plus a Wall Mount frame. The Wall Mount includes hardware (screws and anchors) and can be permanently fastened into drywall, wood, and plaster. Once the Wall Mount is secured, the Cradle can be place in three positions.

With an Extra Wall Mount, the Cradle can be moved into even more vertical positions to cover more of your back. Great for families with people of different heights.



Solo Mount

Other Mounts

Wall Mountable (with Frame)

Weight Rack & Pole Mountable

Smooth Tile / Metal Mountable

Supports Most Massage Guns


Solo Mount is attached to the weight rack in my studio and it's been a tremendous benefit for my clients. I also find myself using it pretty regularly.

David Nyoman

Physical Therapist

I was able to attached Solo Mount to my apartment wall and now I have an easy way to use my percussion gun on my lower back. Super helpful!

Angela Karamoy

Recreational Athlete